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  1. Life of Gautama Buddha and his Teachings
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Preaching and delivering sermons for long forty-five years he passed away at the age of eighty, at Kusinara, modern Kasia in the Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh in a fullmoon day of Vaisakha in B. Buddha was a reformer who took note of the realities of life. The path he suggested is a code of practical ethics which has a rational outlook. Buddhism was more social than religious. It advocated for social equality.

He was more concerned to worldly problems. After describing the chain of causes that lead to suffering, Buddha suggested the Eight-fold path Arya Ashtanga Marg as the means of deliverance from these sufferings viz. The first three practices lead to Sila or physical control, the second three lead to Samadhi or mental control, the last two lead to Prajna or development of inner sight.

The Eight-fold path is known as middle path. It lies between two extremes, namely, the life of ease and luxury and life of severe asceticism. It is a tranquil state to be realized by a person who is free from all carving or desire. It is deliverance or freedom from rebirth, Nirvana is an eternal state of peace or bliss which is free from sorrow and desire Asoka , decay akshya , disease abyadhi and from birth and death amrita.

Buddha laid great stress on the Law of Karma and its working and the transmigration of souls. According to him the condition of man in this life and the next depends upon his own actions. Man is the maker of his own destiny not any god or gods. One can never escape the consequences of his deeds. If a man does good deeds in this life, he will be reborn in a higher life, and so on till he attains nitvana. Evil deeds are sure to be punished.

We are born again and again to reap the fruit of our Karmas. This is the law of Karma.

Life of Gautama Buddha and his Teachings

Non-violence towards life is more important than good deeds. He advised that one should not kill or injure others either man or animal. People were discouraged from hunting or killing of animals. He condemned animal sacrifice and meat-eating. Though Buddha attached great importance to non-violence, he permitted his followers to take meat when no other food is available to keep them alive.

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Buddha neither accepts nor rejects the existence of God. When he was questioned about the existence of God, he either maintained silence or remarked that Gods or gods were also under the eternal law of Karma. He kept himself away from any theoretical discussion about God.

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He was only concerned with the deliverance of man from suffering. The Buddha opposed the authority of Vedas. The Bodhisatva partook of the meal gratefully and crossing the Neranjana River, sat under a bo tree ficus religiosa , vowing to arise only after realization of the truth. He spent seven weeks at Gaya in the vicinity of the bo tree contemplating and refining what he had worked out.

The Life and Teachings of the Buddha

He spent one week gazing at the tree in gratitude. He walked to Isipathana and preached his first sermon to the five ascetics he had been last with, setting the wheel of the Dhamma in motion. This again was out of doors in the shade of a tree.

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  6. After attaining enlightenment at age 35, Siddhartha, now known as the Buddha, lived in many monasteries in many groves gifted to him, until his death at He spent 29 vas seasons of retreat during the monsoon in Sravasti. His preaching to masses of people would surely have been out of doors.

    He was the first environmentalist, one could say, since he categorised plants with animals as living entities and stressed no harm was to be done to trees by heedless felling. Declaring three months of vas during the rainy season was to prevent the trampling of creatures who emerged from the rain-soaked earth by mendicant monks. And then proclaiming to his faithful acolyte Ananda Thera that the time had come for him to die, he journeyed though stricken with a stomach disorder to Kusinara, to a grove of sal trees. He requested a bed be made for him between two trees.

    He exhorted the monks gathered around him to work out their deliverance with diligence since all formations are of the nature to change: Aniccavata sankara, uppada vaya dhammino. He died on the full moon day in May out in the open. We say he attained parinibbana — Nibbana equating to the cessation of births, the severance of the samsaric cycle. The month of May has Buddhists the world over commemorating the three events that occurred on full moon days in the fifth month of the relevant year in the vasana season spring : the birth of Siddhartha Gautama; his Enlightenment; and the death of the Buddha — the Enlightened One.

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