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  1. 2. Generating Functions – Introduction
  2. Integer compositions
  3. An Integer Programming Formulation of the Minimum Common String Partition Problem
  4. Read Lectures On Integer Partitions

Priestley , Introduction to Lattices and Orders. Cambridge University Press De Bruijn , Algebraic theory of penrose's non-periodic tilings of the plane. A 43 Zbl De Bruijn , Dualization of multigrids. France Coloq MR Destainville , R.

  • Lecture 19 – Generating Functions.
  • Appeal to Pity: Argumentum Ad Misericordiam.
  • Partition Function P -- from Wolfram MathWorld?
  • Integer Partitions.
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Mosseri and F. Bailly , Configurational entropy of codimension-one tilings and directed membranes. Bailly , Fixed-boundary octogonal random tilings: A combinatorial approach.

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  3. The Zebra Finch.
  4. Introduction to Micro- and Nanooptics;
  5. Preprint University Paris VI Elnitsky , Rhombic tilings of polygons and classes of reduced words in coxeter groups. Theory 77 Goles and M.

    2. Generating Functions – Introduction

    Kiwi , Games on line graphs and sand piles. Kenyon , Tilings of polygons with parallelograms. Algorithmica 9 Latapy and H. Latapy , Generalized integer partitions, tilings of zonotopes and lattices , in Proc.

    Integer compositions

    Mikhalev, D. Krob and E. Springer Latapy , R. Mantaci , M.

    An Integer Programming Formulation of the Minimum Common String Partition Problem

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    Read Lectures On Integer Partitions

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    Ramanujan and Partitions of Positive Integers

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